The Abbott-Turnbull Government risks jeopardising the future of Australia’s aged care reforms with further savage cuts in the 2016 Budget.

Labor has marked the four year anniversary of its landmark reform package, Living Longer Living Better, warning that further cuts will undermine the quality of care and support services older Australians need and deserve to ensure they age well.
In Government, Labor made ageing and aged care a national priority, consulted widely, worked collaboratively and introduced the reform package with bipartisan and extensive community support.
In contrast, the Abbott-Turnbull Government has removed all references to “ageing”, demonstrating it has no plans to address the challenges and opportunities that an ageing population presents.

“Aged care” has been treated as an after-thought, with the portfolio bounced between departments and Assistant Ministers.

Under the Liberals, the reforms have been poorly implemented, marred by neglect, poor leadership and savage funding cuts that hurt older Australians, especially those with dementia.

Now the Aged Care Minister has walked away from addressing the critical shortage of suitable aged care workers.

Labor understands that the frontline workers are the key to providing quality care and services. Aged care is essentially about people.

A Shorten Labor Government will put the Living Longer Better reforms back on track.