Aged Care

Following my appointment as Shadow Parliamentary Secretary for Aged Care in 2013 I have been working closely with Shadow Ageing Minister Shayne Neumann to ensure we listen to older Australians and the aged care sector so all Australians are provided the best care.

When it comes to aged care and ageing we face many challenges. One of the major challenges we face is ensuring that the aged care system is accessible to everyone who requires care and people understand what services are available to them.  

The only way Australia’s aged care system can achieve current and future demands is if government communicates effectively with the aged care sector and broader community.

I will continue to work hard to ensure that Labor has a viable alternative strategy for aged care policy in the future.

Only under a Labor government can Aged Care receive the care and attention it needs with a dedicated Minister for Ageing. Only under a Labor Government will Older Australians have the respect they deserve and the services they need.