Scott Morrison’s Liberal Government is ‘old generation’ and continues to remain in the depths of prehistoric stodginess. Leadership of a political party is a valuable position but as with Malcolm Turnbull, Scott Morrison is drab, without innovation and simply a clone of the ‘old boys club’.

When the Liberal Party is tainted with a 1950’s attitude, clearly smelling of a stuffy old wardrobe, Australia must question how much longer they can trust them to provide good policy direction.

Much is left to be desired by this dysfunctional Government with one foot in the grave, bereft of ideas and desperately gripping to the past.

Membership of the Liberal ‘old boys club’ comes with the selection criteria of bygone days which includes bullying and intimidation. It’s clear from the number of women departing the sinking Morrison ship that this strategy is unfortunately working very well. Even former Deputy Liberal Leader Julie Bishop said that feminism was “not particularly useful” and rallied against gender quotas.

Modern and contemporary leadership is nowhere to be seen, and a well-balanced gender party room looks more like a room full of - as articulated by outgoing Liberal MP Kelly O’Dwyer - “homophobic, anti-women and climate-change deniers”.

There is nothing modern or convincing about the Morrison Liberal Government – their political steering is broken, and all direction is being lost.

Marking time in the leadup to the Federal Election lurching from scandal to scandal, it’s clear this do-nothing Liberal Government isn’t up to the job. But is there a rabbit in the hat somewhere for Scott Morrison and his band of merry men? I think not as they are simply in a void with no innovation or clue.

Sometime during May, Australians will decide the fate of this current non-performing dysfunctional Liberal Government through our democratic election process and yes, we do have a choice.

The choice is between a divided, chaotic and old school Liberal Government or a united Bill Shorten Labor Government with a modern, well-functioning, futuristic and gender balanced team. The difference couldn’t be starker.
Leading up to this year’s election, Bill Shorten has set out policies which offer a clear alternative to the status quo. Politics is all about choices. And there are big choices to make if we want to change the country, not just the Government.

Australia is a democracy and that democracy works best when both major political parties show the Australian people the respect they deserve, put their policies forward and let the people decide.

I’m very proud to be part of a team that has done exactly this. Labor has made the tough decisions, we’ve developed the policies and we have the courage of our convictions to be open and honest about what we want to do and how we’re going to pay for it. Labor will fix our schools and hospitals, ease pressure on family budgets, stand up for workers, invest in cheaper, cleaner energy and build a strong economy that works for everyone.

Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for the Liberal Morrison Government who are still obsessing over what Labor is doing and has absolutely no policy plan to offer Australians.