Abbott has no vision for aged care

Shadow Minister for Ageing, Shayne Neumann, has called on the Abbott government to show leadership on aged care and take the future of an ageing population seriously.
“We have known for quite some time that Tony Abbott really has nothing positive to offer older Australians,” Mr Neumann said.
“This was made abundantly clear in Senate Estimates as Tony Abbott’s Assistant Minister for Social Services passed any tough questions to the departmental officials.
“In Rugby League we call this a hospital pass, and Senator Fifield’s performance simply demonstrated a lack of courage to take the ball up through a strong defence.
“Senator Fifield’s glib and simplistic comments revealed that the Abbott Government has no plans beyond cuts.”
When asked to outline the significant challenges facing the aged care workforce moving forward, Senator Fifield responded:
The main workforce pressure facing the workforce is bodies, and creating many, many more.
Senator Mitch Fifield, Senate Community Affairs Legislation Committee, 5 June 2014
Shadow Parliamentary Secretary for Aged Care, Senator Helen Polley said the Abbott Government has no strategies for dealing with the real challenges facing the sector
“This Government has abandoned the aged care sector at a time when there are significant changes and challenges happening already,” Senator Polley said.
“Tony Abbott has taken an unnecessary axe to aged care, when the previous Labor Government had already done the heavy lifting in reforming aged care.
“What we learnt through Senate Estimates is there is no strategy to deal with workforce issues. No modelling on the impact of the pension indexation changes on aged care revenues. No plans for how we face the challenges of an ageing population.
“The Abbott-Hockey budget of broken promises has nothing to offer the aged care sector into the future.”