Dementia "envelope" disappears in mini-budget

Joe Hockey’s mini-Budget has removed any hope of a replacement for the axed Dementia and Severe Behaviours Supplement (DSBS).   Assistant Minister for Social Services Mitch Fifield promised to develop an alternative to the DSBS, funding it within the “current funding envelope” on numerous occasions since axing the $16 a day supplement in July 2014. Continue reading

Online campaign launched to encourage implementation of baby safe havens in Australia

Tasmanian Labor Senator Helen Polley has reiterated her calls for national action to implement “Baby Safe Havens” across Australia, following the rescue of an abandoned baby boy in a drain at Quakers Hill in Sydney on Sunday.      “Ultimately, baby safe havens are a child safety issue and we have a responsibility to do everything we can to save a baby before it is abandoned,” Senator Polley said. Continue reading

The grinch Tony Abbott, The hypocrite Andrew Nikolic and the ABC lie

Labor Senator Helen Polley today called Liberal Bass MP Andrew Nikolic a hypocrite for arguing on ABC 936 Statewide radio yesterday morning that cuts to the ABC and job losses in Tasmania were unnecessary, even though his Government is responsible for the cuts.     “For Mr Nikolic to say on the ABC that the cuts were unnecessary, while knowing full well he is effectively one of the executors of these cuts is hypocrisy of the highest order,” Senator Polley said.  Continue reading

National action is needed after another abandoned baby

Tasmanian Labor Senator Helen Polley has today once again pleaded for the installation of “Baby Safe Havens” across Australia following the abandonment of baby boy in a drain at Quakers Hill in Sydney.   “Today a newborn baby boy has thankfully been found alive down a drain near the M7 at Quakers Hill in Sydney's west. It is nothing short of a miracle that this dear baby was found this morning, on what was going to be a 30 degree day in Sydney,” Senator Polley said. Continue reading

Nikolic must speak up on defence pay deal

Labor Senator Helen Polley has called on Liberal Bass MP Andrew Nikolic to stand up for ADF personnel who have had their pay and conditions cut by the Abbott Government.   Not only are Australia’s service men and women being asked to accept a pay increase well below inflation – this unfair deal will see them lose out on their precious Christmas and Recreation leave. Continue reading

Labor welcomes continuation of its aged care reforms

espite the Abbott Government's horror budget that attacked pensioners, increased health costs for senior Australians and ripped billions of dollars out of the aged care system, Labor has welcomed the Abbott Government’s continued support of the fundamentals of Labor's ground-breaking Living Longer, Living Better (LLLB) aged care reforms.  In a speech to the Committee for Economic Development of Australia the Assistant Minister for Social Services, Senator Mitch Fifield, spoke in support of the consumer-led aged care system developed by the previous Labor Government. Continue reading

Nikolic must rethink higher education stance

Shadow Minister for Higher Education Senator Kim Carr and Labor Senator Helen Polley have once again called on Liberal Bass MP Andrew Nikolic to protect the future of higher education in northern Tasmania.   The appeal comes after Tony Abbott conceded over the weekend that the planned deregulation of the higher education sector will lead to fee increases.   Continue reading

Nikolic must act to stop Higher Education debt sentence

Labor Senator Helen Polley has urged students, parents and grandparents in Bass to visit Labor’s new website to see exactly how much Tony Abbott’s unfair university changes will cost.   Labor’s campaign to stop Tony Abbott’s $100,000 degrees continues with the launch of a new interactive feature on   The Debt Sentence Calculator allows visitors to enter a chosen degree to find out how much Tony Abbott’s changes will cost them.   Continue reading

Abbott Government shirks care and responsibility on Aged Care

The Abbott Government has been caught snoozing on aged care, exhibiting a no care, no responsibility attitude.   Today’s Senate Estimates hearings gave Labor its first opportunity to question the Assistant Minister responsible for aged care about his decision to axe the Dementia and Severe Behaviours Supplement (DSBS) as of 31 July 2014.   Continue reading

More jobs lost on "Three Amigo's" watch

Labor Senator Helen Polley has called on the “three amigos” to focus their energies on jobs in northern Tasmania rather than their own personal political ambitions.   The call comes as poppy processing company TPI Enterprises announced that it was relocating from Cressy to Melbourne, with some workers to be offered the prospect of relocation and others made redundant.   Senator Polley said that the closure was further evidence that leadership was needed from Eric Hutchinson, Andrew Nikolic and Brett Whiteley. Continue reading